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Hoosier Tires v. Indiana Potholes
With the passage of HEA 1002 in 2017, we're on the way to winning the battle.




BIC was established in 1987 as a coalition representing the transportation construction industry. We represent more than 500 companies statewide employing thousands of Hoosiers and supporting thousands of families.


While we actively deal with legislative issues concerning our members our primary focus is the continued development of Indiana's road and bridge network, and ensuring a long-term, dedicated and adequate source of funding.


BIC was instrumental in helping to pass Major Moves legislation in 2006. Through the resulting lease of the Indiana Toll Road, the state invested $3.8 billion in Indiana’s highway system.


In 2013, through the efforts of BIC and its road funding partners, the Indiana General Assembly removed diversions from the state highway account and dedicated a percentage of all retail sales taxes to roads, providing the equivalent of a 7-cent gas tax increase, without actually raising any taxes. Lawmakers also established the Major Moves 2020 fund for major projects.


In 2017, BIC was a key player in passing the comprehensive, long-term road funding package known as HEA 1002. Indiana can now invest at record levels in state and local road and bridge construction projects over the long-term. Estimates for the new, additional funding:

  • •  $617 million in FY 18
  • •  $711 million in FY 19
  • •  $810 million in FY 20
  • •  $917 million in FY 21
  • •  $1.021 billion in FY 22
  • •  $1.117 billion in FY 23
  • •  $1.209 billion in FY 24

BIC continues to educate elected officials and the public about the benefits of investing in Indiana's highway transportation network now, while at the same time talking about highway funding options for the future.



BIC's Primary Mission

To achieve long-term, dedicated, stable and adequate funding for our state system of
highways and bridges and our local system of roads, streets and bridges.