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  • Prior to July 1, 2017, the Indiana gas tax had not been raised since 2003 and the diesel tax had not been raised since 1998.
  • CAFE standards means cars are more fuel efficient and use less gas. Fewer gallons of gas means lower gas tax receipts and fewer funds for road and bridge improvements.
  • Counties maintain over 66,000 miles of roadway in Indiana (75% paved, 25% unpaved).

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The Build Indiana Political Action Committee (PAC) is our industry’s collective method of supporting the campaigns of candidates who support our industry. The PAC plays a critical part in electing state leaders. PAC funds are kept entirely separate from BIC’s operating funds. While BIC’s operations are funded by the six BIC member associations, the PAC is funded by direct contributions from companies that are members of those associations.

It is imperative that all BIC member companies support the Build Indiana PAC to help elect those candidates who understand and support the needs of our industry.

Please contact the BIC office today for a contribution form. Your contribution will make a difference toward ensuring we reach our goals of protecting and ensuring the continued success of our industry.