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  • Vehicle travel on Indiana's highways increased by 47 percent from 1990 to 2012.
  • Every $1 billion invested in transportation infrastructure creates or sustains roughly 28,500 jobs.
  • Indiana receives 91 cents for every dollar it sends to the highway account in Washington.

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The Build Indiana Political Action Committee (PAC) is our industry’s collective method of supporting the campaigns of candidates who support our industry. The PAC plays a critical part in electing state leaders. PAC funds are kept entirely separate from BIC’s operating funds. While BIC’s operations are funded by the seven BIC member associations, the PAC is funded by direct contributions from companies that are members of those associations.

In the most recent and previous state legislative sessions, legislators have attempted to divert INDOT highway revenues to other sources. Some legislators proposed increasing traditional road user fees for mass transit operations. And other legislators want to allow local construction funds to be used for non-road construction purposes.

On the other hand, in past legislative sessions, many legislators have supported major legislation that increased funding for our state road construction needs, such as removal of diversions to other state agencies, dedication of a portion of the state's retail sales tax and the Major Moves 2020 Fund in 2013, Major Moves in 2006 and the 3-cent gas tax increase in 2002.

BIC is working passionately to protect all other funding sources. It is imperative that all BIC member companies support the Build Indiana PAC to help elect those candidates who understand and support the needs of our industry.

Please contact the BIC office today for a contribution form. Your contribution will make a difference toward ensuring we reach our goals of protecting and ensuring the continued success of our industry.